A group of Gold Coast men are using music as a pathway to mental health recovery. The group called the ‘True Tones’ have written, recorded, produced and launched their debut EP entitled ‘No Time for Judgment’.

The True Tones have been work shopping with Join Australian Music Inc. (JAM) and Aftercare in Burleigh Heads over the last 3 months gaining music industry experience and developing leadership, communication and team building skills.

“Participants have managed their ideas and concepts through to quality songs and an entertaining performance”, said JAM manager Michael Thomas. “The EP is a result of a team effort and pride in the songs every step of the way.”

“It has allowed participants to build their personal capacity to relate to others and really come out of their comfort zones”, said Aftercare Burleigh Team Leader Nicola Wright. “Music is an often used form of therapy in mental health care, but this experience has been particularly unique”.

The True Tones send clear messages through their music.

“This album has given us a platform to express our feelings and experiences”, said True Tones member J. Ferry.

“There is often a lack of awareness around mental health, what it is and how it effects us. Through our music we are hoping that people will listen and not be judgmental.”

The True Tones launched their album with a live performance on the 17 May 2013 at Expressive Ground, Palm Beach.

The EP represents a collaborative approach to dealing with life’s challenges.

“The songs entitled Road to Life, Face Reality, Who are You and Serious Fun reflect what living with a mental illness means to us.”

“The songs are fun but also have a serious element. We cover a lot of genres from country through to hip hop. While typically Australian the songs include a variety of different cultural elements.” said J. Ferry.

For more information contact Michael Thomas on 0419 120 917 or via email.

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