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Aftercare is proud to announce the upcoming launch of The Poppy Centre, a new mental health service for children under 12, their parents and their carers.

What Is The Poppy Centre?
The Poppy Centre has arisen out of identified community needs in the West Moreton region. Following on from numerous individual consultations, Aftercare organised a community conference and workshop to gain community input in to the development of The Poppy Centre. The feedback was unanimously positive and reflected back many of the issues highlighted in the individual consultations. The service gap for a centre with both clinical and non-clinical services for children 0-11 years and their families and carers was needed and supported by the community.

From this community consultation, Aftercare commenced to establish an innovative service in the Ipswich region to respond to the community’s needs and address the gaps identified. The Poppy Centre is not a duplication of services, rather a collaborative and coordinated delivery of local services in the one centre, including clinical care for children 0-11 years of age.

The Poppy Centre provides a safe place and service for children 0-11 years and their families and carers to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Each child and their families and carers will receive a holistic assessment and have a support plan developed especially for their needs.

The Poppy Centre Team
We have a team of caring professionals with a variety of backgrounds working together to provide a holistic approach for your child. This team includes psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, counsellors and more. A range of both clinical and non-clinical supports, intervention and treatment will be provided from the centre including one-on-one and groups sessions such as play therapy and family/carer support and education, depending on each families’ needs.

The Poppy Centre works collaboratively with stakeholders to provide a coordinated and integrated care and support that is appropriate and responsive the needs of families and children. It is also a place of learning for families, carers and professionals. Studies show that parents and carers who are involved in their children’s wellbeing and care get better outcomes so wherever possible we encourage families and carers to come and support their children.

This service is fully covered by Medicare and will commence in September 2016.

The Poppy Centre
Unit 1/26 East Street, Ipswich, QLD

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  1. Georgina Melville
    Georgina Melville says:

    What an amazing service. I’m a classroom teacher and definitely see the need for this holistic approach to well-being for children. I have forwarded this link to our Head of Special Education Services, as I am sure we have a number of families who could benefit from this support. What is the referral process?


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