Headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. headspace works to reduce the impact of mental health issues and drug and alcohol use on young people. headspace is about making a difference to the lives of young people, offering support for social and emotional wellbeing, to help people get support quickly.

The centres are governed by a number of organisations who all work in partnership to deliver a variety of services. Aftercare is the lead agency for four centres in Ipswich, Meadowbrook, Nundah and Woolloongabba.

All centres offer a ‘one stop shop’ for young people aged between 12 – 25 who may have concerns about their physical health, mental health, or about using alcohol or other drugs. All services are free and confidential and are intended to provide a place where young people can go to talk to someone about any of these issues.

headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP)

The headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP) is an integrated and holisitic service for young people experiencing early psychosis or at risk of developing psychosis, and their families. It is an opportunity for headspace to make a real difference in the lives of young people and their families across Australia affected by psychosis. Building on the early psychosis prevention and intervention centre (EPPIC) model


Kurinda specialises in providing assistance to young people between the ages of 14 and 24 years who have a diagnosed mental health issue. Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three levels of accommodation are available, ranging from high support through to independent living, and residents are able to stay for short, medium and long terms, depending on individual needs. We provide a safe and stable environment with staff who are very experienced in dealing with young people and the issues they face.

Due to limited numbers of rooms available at Kurinda, it is difficult to predict when an opening may arise. Therefore, it is best to ensure your client or loved one is on our list of interested clients so that they can be considered as soon as an opening arises. Please register your interest by completing the Initial Referral Form which you can email back to us on

Take 2

Take 2 was established by Aftercare to provide an early intervention service focused specifically on the needs of children and young people within a family context. It is a no-cost Family Mental Health Support Service funded by the Department of Social Services and delivered by Aftercare.

Take 2 works in partnership with families and carers to provide a flexible support service for kids and teens living in Cairns South who are at risk of or experiencing mental illness.

Take 2 offers long-term early intervention (6-12 months) for participants requiring intensive support. This could be goal setting, mentoring and practical support to help build strengths. It also offers short-term assistance, information and referral as well as community outreach, home visits and group-based activities.

Youth Residential Rehabilitation Units (YRRU)

Youth Residential Rehabilitation Units are 24 hour residential services which offer support to young people aged 16-21 who have a diagnosed mental health issue, or are experiencing significant mental health difficulties. YRRUs offer accommodation, as well as assistance with living skills, social skills, money management, transportation travel training, social opportunities, regular exercise programs, liaison with clinical mental health and medical family practice support, and enrolment in various educational or vocational programs.

Our aim is to enable young adults to enhance their personal skills so that they can build and maintain their independence and emotional wellbeing, their connections with their family and friends and their relationships within the community.

There are 2 YRRUs located in Brisbane and 1 YRRU located in Cairns.

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