Individual Support Services

Active Linking Initiative (ALI)

ALI is an Outreach program that provides tailored recreational, leisure and educational support to clients who live in Assisted Boarding Houses (ABH).

The program aims to encourage and support our client’s to live happily and integrate with their community through our community-focused service model which relies on strong links with a range of other services.
The program works within 6 boarding houses.

Ashfield Biala

Biala Ashfield is a transitional accommodation program, providing housing and psychosocial support to participants with a mental health issue. Biala Ashfield Support Worker support participants in the community, develop skills to live independently such as; maintaining successful tenancies, improve their quality of life and most importantly assist in the recovery from mental health issues. As a transitional accommodation program, participants are expected to relocate to other, permanent housing, following their completion of 24 months in the Biala Ashfield program.

Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH)

Aftercare and Life Without Barriers have partnered with a range of local mental health, primary healthcare, and other community services to provide access to mental health support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Cape York, Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula.

Our aim is to keep people out of hospital and improve their outcomes through holistic integrated support addressing their whole-of-life needs.

Individualised Community Living Strategy (ICLS)

Individualised Community Living Strategy is an outreach (community-based) program that provides support to people living in Department of Housing properties.

The ICLS program provides support that is tailored to the individual circumstances of each person, with the ultimate aim of assisting them to live independently in their own home.

Participants of ICLS are either long stay hospital patients or living in the community. The program assists individuals to access accommodation if required and to live independently in the community.

Mental Health Community Support Service (MHCSS)

Care Connect has formed a consortium with Aftercare and Life Without Barriers, to provide Individual Client Support Packages (ICSP) for the Mental Health Community Support Service within the Southern Loddon region of Victoria. MHCSS ICSPs aim to minimise long term disability and improve quality of life outcomes for people living with a mental health issue.

Partners In Recovery (PIR)

People experiencing severe and persistent mental health issue who also have complex needs require a comprehensive and coordinated response from a range of sectors – including health, housing, income support, disability, education and employment. PIR is designed to provide a new level of inter-agency collaboration to find new and better coordinated pathways to recovery that meet the full range of an individual’s needs.

Through building stronger partnerships between sectors, services and supports, PIR will promote collective responsibility and encourage innovative solutions to ensure individuals are able to access the services and supports needed to sustain and support their optimal health, wellbeing, and recovery.

Paterson Whitlam

Aftercare’s Paterson Whitlam Support Service is an outreach service working with people with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability to help them to lead independent lives. Through this service, we provide different levels of support according to the individual’s need to give each person the ability to improve their independence and their emotional and social wellbeing.

Personal Helpers and Mentors service (PHaMs)

PHaMs is an Australian government-funded program that operates throughout the nation in partnership with non-government organisations. It works very closely with people who experience mental health issues. PHaMs creates opportunities by walking alongside clients in their journey to recovery.

Strategies to assist in the recovery journey are personalized and centre on setting realistic, achievable and measurable goals based on clients’ strengths and values. Aftercare is the largest partner in PHaMs network and has been acknowledged for its successful delivery of this service.

Personalised Support Service (PSS)

Aftercare is working in partnership with Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ), to deliver this service. Personalised Support Service (PSS) aims to stabilise peoples tenancies in social housing and minimise the risk of their mental illness escalating to the extent that they become frequent users of emergency departments and/or inpatient mental health facilities, or experience loss of tenancy and subsequent homelessness.

PSS comprises people whose tenure in social house is at risk due to their mental illness and related issues. This service provides an average level of individual support of up to 10 hours per week. The number of people that may be supported at any one time may vary, depending on individual needs and available community resources.

South West Community Managed Mental Health (CMMH)

The South West Community Managed Mental Health program (CMMH) is an initiative funded by QLD Health, delivering mental health support for communities in remote areas of western Queensland.

Aftercare and Lifeline have partnered in South West Queensland to deliver CMMH services in Roma, Charleville, St George and Cunnamulla. This builds on the existing Personal Helpers and Mentors Service that Aftercare operates in Cunnamulla. The CMMH aims to support people aged 18 to 64 years experiencing a mental illness through personalised, one-on-one support. In addition to this, CMMH staff offer mutual self-help services, and group support services for people with mental illness.

The service also makes provision for people in the community who have taken on the responsibility of caring for family members and loved ones.

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