Group Support Services

Eastern Suburbs Aftercare (ESA)

The program is a consumer-driven community-based rehabilitation and recovery service that provides a wide range of social leisure and therapeutic programs for people with mental health issues. A range of activities and living skills programs is delivered on-site and in the community using our own qualified Support Workers and contracted specialists.

Parents Opportunity to participate in Play with their young (POPPY Playgroup)

POPPY is a supported playgroup for mothers with mental health issues and their children from 0 to 5 years (not at school). The mental health issues may be diagnosed or undiagnosed and may be associated with domestic violence.

POPPY Playgroup provides a safe place for exploration of parenting concerns and enhances confidence in parenting. POPPY supports mothers to actively engage with their children and other families, and supports families to connect with services.

2 Wheels Program (2WP)

2 Wheels Program (2WP) is a program aiming to engage with clients from our PHaMs services to enable them to learn new skills and interact socially with other clients.

Participants work towards an achievable and tangible end result. At the conclusion of the program, not only have participants restored a bike, they are able to sit back, look at the final product and think ‘I have done this’. These bikes are given to children and families in need, giving participants a feeling of self-worth as a result of being able to help others. Allowing participants to feel a sense of pride in what they have achieved will help to shape their identity and promote a sense of self satisfaction. The restoration process is not too dissimilar to the restoration of peoples’ lives and gives participants a sense of hope and meaning.

During the program, participants have to organise (whilst supported by staff) the use of resources and tools. They are required to collaborate with other participants ensuring team work as they will have to work together when assembling and painting. Aftercare sources old and pre-loved bikes for both males and females and for differing age groups. Each bike is allocated to a participant to work on and restore over a six to eight week period. Participants are responsible and accountable for ensuring that their bike is ready by the end of the program.

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