Family & Carers Support Services

Family and Carer Education Support (FACES)

Aftercare’s commitment to our mission includes the families and carers of people living with a mental illness.

Our 100+ years’ experience working with people experiencing mental health issues has given us a deep understanding of the impact of mental health issues on families and carers, as well as a profound respect for the vital part they play in the care and recovery of their loved ones.

Aftercare’s Family And Carer Education & Support (FACES) service includes a variety of individual and group programs tailored to meet the family and carer’s particular need.

Aftercare’s ‘Mental Health Respite: Carer Support’ (MHR: CS) program provides a range of flexible support options for carers of people with mental illness.

Floresco Centre

The Floresco Centre provides a safe environment for people between the ages of 18-64, who experience mental illness, and their families and carers. Floresco helps people to learn how to deal with life challenges through group support, mutual support and self-help, personalised support and family and carer support.

Floresco Centre works with individuals, families and carers, at home and in the community, to provide tailored and holistic support to allow them to lead functional and fulfilling lives.

Floresco encourages individuals to participate in structured group activities that will provide social connections and recreational opportunities. Interaction with peers through groups provides mutual support through the sharing of experiences and coping strategies. Floresco also provides support, information and education to families and carers around local services as well as skills development opportunities to enhance the resilience of everyone in the family impacted by mental illness.

Floresco is a multi-agency service providing a ‘one stop shop’ for people with mental illness and their carers and family members where people can access a range of community mental health support services; clinical mental health services, employment and housing services, and drug and alcohol services.

headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP)

The headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program (hYEPP) is an integrated and holisitic service for young people experiencing early psychosis or at risk of developing psychosis, and their families. It is an opportunity for headspace to make a real difference in the lives of young people and their families across Australia affected by psychosis. Building on the early psychosis prevention and intervention centre (EPPIC) model.

Parents Opportunity to Participate in Play with their Young (POPPY Playgroup)

POPPY is a supported playgroup for mothers with mental health issues and their children from 0 to 5 years (not at school). The mental health issues may be diagnosed or undiagnosed and may be associated with domestic violence.

POPPY Playgroup provides a safe place for exploration of parenting concerns and enhances confidence in parenting. POPPY supports mothers to actively engage with their children and other families, and supports families to connect with services.

Take 2

Take 2 was established by Aftercare to provide an early intervention service focused specifically on the needs of children and young people within a family context. It is a no-cost Family Mental Health Support Service funded by the Department of Social Services and delivered by Aftercare.

Take 2 works in partnership with families and carers to provide a flexible support service for kids and teens living in Cairns South who are at risk of or experiencing mental illness.

Take 2 offers long-term early intervention (6-12 months) for participants requiring intensive support. This could be goal setting, mentoring and practical support to help build strengths. It also offers short-term assistance, information and referral as well as community outreach, home visits and group-based activities.

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