One Wave Is All It Takes

‘One Wave Is All It Takes’ is a not-for-profit mental health awareness movement that started in Bondi in 2013. Aftercare recently partnered with the movement and started the One Wave Surf Experience, which is a form of therapy for eastern suburbs mental health patients. The pilot program has been funded through Eastern Suburbs Partners In Recovery (ESPIR) and takes 10 people through a 12-week surf course.

There is a research study and documentary currently being made about the project, which will be launched soon. A special thank you goes out to Jessie Dunphy from ESPIR, for her work in making this project possible, along with the Eastern Suburbs Aftercare team, NSW Health, UNSW and all PIR staff who have contributed.

The movement has been gaining a lot of attention in the media, and we were very excited to have our program mentioned in an article recently. Read the article.

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