Ipswich_Festival_Flyer1As part of Ipswich Festival 2014, Partners in Recovery West Moreton Oxley and Ipswich City Council are proud to present the inaugural Wellbeing Fair. This will be a free event for the community of the Ipswich region and aims to provide people with a sense of what makes them feel good, and improve their general wellbeing.

This exciting new event will include free entertainment, food and drinks available from local community group and as well as a variety of activities and workshops for people to participate in. We have already received confirmation of a number of private businesses and NGO’s who will be participating on the day and providing us with arts, crafts, pain management TENS machine trials, a chill room, fresh fruit and veg juice, clay modelling, music workshops, self-esteem building activities and you can even find out what your health and fitness age is!

For more information please contact us at info@aftercare.com.au.

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