Timely access to a range of health and social services is crucial for managing mental health issues, however models of care are often fragmented and inadequate to address complex patient needs. The Floresco project is a community-based integrated service model that provides a holistic, person-centred, one-stop shop for clinical care and psychosocial support.

Floresco involves a consortium of co-located health providers and social service agencies delivering a range of community-based psychosocial support services including one-to-one care, group sessions, peer support, self-help, and family and carer support. It uses a centralised and streamlined process for the referral, intake, triage, assessment and treatment of adults experiencing mental health issues.

Patient outcomes include:

  • Improved mental health outcomes in a variety of clinical domains
  • Improved ability to manage day-to-day life
  • Improved quality of life (0.13 QALYs)
  • Improved overall RAS-DS patient goal setting score of 16.2 points
  • High levels of satisfaction with experience of care

Floresco Toowoomba increased the accessibility of integrated mental health care in the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service region. The new model of care was successfully implemented, well accepted by partner organisations and front-line staff, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from service users. If you would like to read the report in full, sign up through the pop up on this page.


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