The Federal Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler MP, today announced that headspace will begin delivering Early Psychosis Youth Services, also known as the ‘EPPIC’ model (advocated by 2010 Australian of the Year, Patrick McGorry).

The Federal Government is investing $247 million in the early intervention model to support young people with complex mental illnesses. The process will begin with four ‘hubs’ in western Sydney, south-east Melbourne, western Adelaide and north-east Perth and over the course of 3 years, 9 sites in total, across Australia (one located in each state and territory), will deliver these services.

The EPPIC model has been touted as the “world’s best practice model” and is comprised of:

– 24 hour home based care and assessment
– community education and awareness programs
– easy access to acute and sub-acute services
– continuing care case management
– mobile outreach
– medical and psychological interventions
– functional recovery, group, family and peer support programs
– workforce development
– youth participation

Click here to read Mark Butler’s full media release.

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